Pak Bara, Satun Travel Guide

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Pak Bara, Satun Travel Guide

1.Pak Bara Viewpoint

After checking in and settling down at the accommodation, take a moment to enjoy the atmosphere at the Pak Bara Viewpoint. This spot is not far from the lodging and is marked by a prominent large red sign and a giant sculpted marlin fish. It has become a landmark that everyone must visit for a photo opportunity. During the cool evenings, when the sun sets, the local residents of Satun often bring their families to unwind and relax here. The most beautiful time at Pak Bara Beach is during the sunset when the colorful hues of the sun and the sky create a stunning display. Speaking with the locals, you'll find that they often come to watch the sunset at the beach because each day offers a unique and captivating scene. The locals never tire of this view, and it's easy to see why - it's undeniably breathtaking.


2.Time-Traveling Bridge

At 4 o'clock in the evening, make sure not to miss the "Time-Traveling Bridge." It's another must-visit location near Pak Bara Beach. This attraction is situated within the Hat Pak Bara National Park. To enter the national park, Thai adults pay 20 Baht, Thai children pay 10 Baht, while foreigners pay 200 Baht for adults and 100 Baht for children. There's a long seaside path along the base of a hill known as "Kao Ta Ngai," offering a natural and educational walk. On one part of the cliff, you can see two distinct layers of rock: the red sandstone from the Cambrian period and the limestone from the Ordovician period, with an age difference of over 400 years. These layers formed due to clear geological processes, and witnessing them is like taking a step back in time. The path is elevated along the coastline, adjacent to the cliff. The first point you'll encounter is a rest area and a park's restaurant where you can grab a meal. The best time to visit is around 4:30 in the evening when you can witness the beautiful sunset. However, during our visit, the weather turned cloudy and rainy, slightly disappointing our hopes. Nevertheless, we managed to explore the area a bit and experience the transition to the Ordovician period. The rock face in this era is black limestone, adorned with green trees. There's a viewing pavilion on top, and around 6:30, we returned to our lodging to enjoy dinner. The accommodation also provided a restaurant service where we ordered organic fried fish and tamarind sautéed prawns. The flavors were delightful.


3. Prasat Hin Phan Yod

Don't miss out on Prasat Hin Phan Yo, another highlight in the Pak Bara Beach area. Prasat Hin Phan Yo is situated on a large island within the territory of the Hat Pak Bara National Park. It's a destination that should be on your list when exploring Satun. The site presents a picturesque view of the emerald sea and the sandy beaches surrounded by high black limestone walls that resemble the peaks of a castle, hence the name "Prasat Hin Phan Yod." It's not too far from the coast, making it suitable for a one-day trip. To reach Prasat Hin Phan Yod, one needs to travel around 3 kilometers from Pak Bara Pier. For those interested, you can arrange a tour package with us, the package costs 800 Baht per person and includes a visit to Prasat Hin Phan Yo as the main destination, along with other attractions such as the Dragon's Back Ridge, Ao Fossil, Ao Tabak Bat, Heart Rock Bay, and Ao Taloh Min Tae. The boat used for this journey is a long-tail boat. It takes you through the calm sea while passing various uniquely shaped rocks, including "Tarn Hin Tai" and "Hin Ruea Sam Phao." The guides onboard provide explanations about the legends and stories associated with these rocks.


The next point on the trip is the "Secluded Sea Behind the Dragon's Back Ridge," where you can observe a white sandy beach in the middle of the sea during high tide. The weather was quite overcast, with occasional drizzles, and the beauty might not have been as vivid. Passing through the Dragon's Back Ridge, we reached the main destination, Prasat Hin Phan Yo. We had to anchor the boat outside and transfer to a smaller boat to get closer, as the entrance is narrow and inaccessible to the long-tail boat. A guide paddled us in. The experience was short, but we managed to enter the site. The distance was brief, and upon passing through the entrance, we witnessed the stunning Prasat Hin Phan Yo. Its striking presence was awe-inspiring. Initially, we were concerned about the less-than-clear weather, which we thought would hinder our view. However, the cloudy and rainy weather only added to the charm. The view of the black stone castle against the backdrop of the green sea and the white sandy beach was mesmerizing. These were the highlights of our trip to Satun, and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a unique experience.


4. Barley Cafe


The area of the beach that leads up to the mountaintop stone castle remains the location of another popular café on Pak Bara Beach. Barley Cafe is a beautifully decorated café with a chic, feel-on-the-beach, and reggae vibe that suits the islanders' lifestyle. The café is open only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, serving as a beachside café offering a variety of beverages, fruit smoothies, tea, fresh coffee, snacks, and a wide selection of food items like salads, som tam, and more. Each corner of the café is adorned with stunning, vibrant decorations, providing a comfortable and pleasant ambiance. When the weather is clear, you can enjoy the stunning view of the blue sea while relaxing and soothing your eyes. The café's view is comparable to that of the Sea See Resort since they are adjacent. You can walk along the beach from the resort to the café, enjoy sipping drinks, and watch the sunset from the café's front. It's equally beautiful and captivating. if you booked the the trip through this website.


5. Bara Roti

Concluding the trip with food exploration, wherever you go, immerse yourself in the local culinary culture. Follow the reputation of the famous dishes and try them all. In Satun, you mustn't miss out on Bara Roti, Khao Yam, and Cha Chak. These are local dishes that people in Satun enjoy throughout the day, from morning to night. Around the Pak Bara pier, there are several Bara Roti stalls, but the renowned one is Bara Roti. The stall opens around 6 in the morning and closes around 2 in the afternoon. Whether you're waiting to board a boat to Lipe or returning to the pier, you can visit this stall. The menu emphasizes Halal food, including plain Khao Yam, Khao Yam with curry, Mataba, and more. The flavors are excellent, with the only drawback being the Mataba dipping sauce, which could use a bit more sweetness. One must-try dish is the special Sticky Rice with Salted Fish. Though it looks simple, the taste is extraordinary. The sticky rice is cooked with coconut milk, resembling 'khao neow moon,' and the fish is the local sun-dried mackerel. It's deep-fried to a crispy texture, creating a delicious combination. You'll love it so much that you'll want to buy some fish to take home. Another signature beverage from the South is Cha Chak Tai, aromatic and rich in flavor, it's undoubtedly delicious.


6. Mabara Cafe

There's only one café that stands out, located right by the sea and the roadside. It's called Maba Cafe. This small café by the sea is decorated in white tones and features standout brick walls. The glass windows are framed with light-colored wood. Inside, it's divided into two sections: indoor seating with wooden Earth-tone chairs and glass-window seating with swaying curtains offering a view of the road, and glass-window seating overlooking the sea. There's also outdoor seating close to the beach, just a few steps away. The café menu includes the usual café beverages, pastries, and single-dish meals. We ordered a refreshing Lemon Iced Tea and a Crab Omelette Rice. Both the drinks and the food were delightful.



7. Papaya Mom Halaal

Papaya Mom, also known as Tum Saep, is located next to the Pak Bara Viewpoint (Land 18 Million), about 2 km before reaching the Pak Bara pier to Koh Lipe. Please note that alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the premises. This Halaal restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, including Thai, Southern, Isan, seafood, salads, barbecue, burgers, bread, breakfast, cakes, ice cream, shakes, and fresh coffee. The restaurant's beachside location provides a pleasant atmosphere, ample photo spots, air-conditioned and sea-breeze seating areas, and even a lounge with free Wi-Fi. They accept credit cards and mobile payments, accommodating groups of up to 200 people. Recommended dishes include Tamarind Glazed Shrimp and Fresh Seafood Salad, as well as the Riew Ku (sun-dried) fish in Sour Orange Soup.

9. Local Night Market

The 18 Million Land Market, also known as Pak Bara Land Market, is another must-visit place in Pak Bara. This beachside night market in Satun province is not far from the Pak Bara pier. It's open only on Sunday evenings and offers a variety of local foods and seafood products from local fishermen. There are seating areas for relaxation, enjoying the sea view, and taking beautiful photos. You can also enjoy the water and capture stunning pictures. Location: Pak Nam Subdistrict, La-ngu District, Satun Province (Pakbara Viewpoint).


10. Barista Cafe Pakbara

Barista Cafe in Pakbara offers a fashion-style decorated ambiance with both indoor air-conditioned seating and outdoor balcony seating. Located near the Pak Bara pier, the cafe offers a diverse menu, including made-to-order dishes, pizza, and Massaman curry. Highly recommended dishes to try are:

Sliced Beef Basil Rice: Complete with aromatic basil leaves and high-quality beef that can be customized to your preferred level of spiciness.

Fried Breaded Chicken with Massaman Curry Rice: The Massaman curry has a fantastic flavor, and although the restaurant doesn't use Japanese rice, they use fragrant Hom Mali rice, making it even more delicious.

Pizza: Homemade-style pizza that's a must-try. The service is excellent, the food doesn't take long to arrive, and the taste is both great and flavorful. There's also an extensive beverage menu. Additionally, there are plenty of beautiful photo spots for the ladies.


11. 313 Pakbara Cafe

A coffee shop in Satun, by the sea, 313 Pakbara Cafe provides a chill atmosphere where you can enjoy a 180-degree sea view. The cafe's standout decoration complements the various relaxing corners. Whether you choose to lounge in the air-conditioned room or enjoy the sea breeze outside, the experience is equally enjoyable. Moreover, there are beautiful spots with full sea views, perfect for photography enthusiasts. The menu here covers both savory and sweet dishes, all at reasonable prices and with delicious flavors.


12. Lawn Khao Restaurant

Lawn Khao Restaurant, also known as Larnkao Restaurant, boasts a truly pleasant atmosphere. Nestled amidst lush greenery, it offers a serene and natural dining environment. Friends can savor incredibly delicious food while being surrounded by nature's beauty. This café-style restaurant serves buffet-style, offering a delectable array of seafood and Southern Thai cuisine, bursting with flavors. With a charming design that complements the surrounding nature, Lawn Khao Restaurant is a haven for those who enjoy café-style dining amidst refreshing green surroundings.


When you get to the Pak Bara Pier in Satun, Thailand, a great adventure is about to start. This charming pier has a lot to offer every kind of tourist, whether they want to relax on the beach, have an exciting underwater adventure, or learn about the culture of the area. Make the most of your time at Pak Bara Pier by taking in the beautiful scenery and friendly people of the area.

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