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We’re back to review the trip to beautiful beaches and clear seas in southern paradise of Thailand again. This time, we are reviewing a one-day trip that could save your money. It costs you less than 10,000 baht to be on ‘HAT YAI & SONGKHLA CITY TOUR’ trip. Be satisfied with touring around every attractive area in Hat Yai and feel the beauty of nature. Receive blessings from the highlighted religious places. Be fulfilled with peaceful vibes for 8 hours. If you’re a new traveler or you don’t have much time to travel, this is totally worth it!

Assembly point for ‘HAT YAI & SONGKHLA CITY TOUR’ trip.

First, check in and store your bags at the accommodation in Hat Yai or nearby areas. You may travel from Don Mueng Airport to Hat Yai International Airport or choose other transportations such as coach buses, or trains in the earliest ride. Around 8:00 AM, everyone gathers at the assembly point near the hotel lobby. Then we prepare to go on a one-day trip with ‘HAT YAI & SONGKHLA CITY TOUR’. We personally suggest you come 10 minutes prior to the appointment for your own convenience and being able to go to every place as planned.

*For anyone who does not prefer a morning tour, you might choose afternoon trip which starts around 1:00 PM. However, the plan might change depending on external factors, including but not limited to weather, traffic, and other inconveniences.

One-day trip plan: Hat Yai + Songkhla City Tour 8 Hours

After pulling off, we must say that even if we have only 8 hours, but the plan is packed with every attractive landmark all around Hat Yai. What’s in the plan? Let’s see!

  • Leisure time in the morning at the park

Don’t be too fast to think that everywhere has a park because the park here at Hat Yai City Municipality Office is different. They adapted the whole hill into a 900-rai beautiful park. You can enjoy cool and pleasant feelings of multiple woods and plants closely as much as you like, relax, and breathe the morning fresh air.


  • Worshipping the Tallest Golden Standing Buddha of the City

After relaxing and ready to go, the tour guide will take us to Khao Kho Hong where there is a huge golden standing Buddha statue called “Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj”. This is the tallest Buddha statue in southern Thailand and considered ‘the Buddha Statue of Hat Yai’. There is also Erawan Shrine which is four-faced Buddha and big Erawan Elephant Statue beside for tourists to worship or ask of blessings. In addition, the surrounding areas allow you to feel the beauty of nature such as Songkhla Lake. You could also take a cable car to see the view of Khao Kho Hong.


  • Worshipping Guan Yin to be free from suffering

For people of Chinese descents or have faith in Guan Yin, this place has a big white jade Guan Yin statue which is delicately carved imported from China. This is considered the biggest Guan Yin statue in Thailand with 9.9 meters height. Whoever has a chance to visit and ask for blessings will know why tourists always want to visit this place to ask for blessings very often.


  • See the beauty of peace in Songkhla Old Town

After enjoying the beauty of nature and immersing in the charm of the most gorgeous statue of the south, the tour guide will take you to see the beauty of peace in Songkhla Old Town. We get to see timeless joy through old town architecture where people still live there. It is as if we go back in time to feel the moment in the past. We get to try delicious unique traditional dishes of Songkhla, or even full-flavored fusion dishes. We also get to take pictures of cool street arts that reflect lifestyle and traditions of people throughout the way. We must say that this place alone could possibly give enough content for you to post on social media for months.

  • Learn the history of the mermaid at Samila Beach

Listening to the sound of waves meeting the sand beach, in front of you is the skyline that meets the edge of the sea. It is as picturesque as drawings we used to draw when we were children. While you enjoy the sounds and the beauty of Samila Beach, the tour guide will take you on tour and describe the history of “The Golden Mermaid” which is not only a myth but is a symbol of Songkhla. According to the tale of Khun Wichitmattra (Sanga Kanchanakkhaphan), it is about fisherman who coincidently met a mermaid combing her hair. The mermaid was shocked upon seeing the fisherman, so she left a golden comb and disappeared forever. For the many decades, the mermaid has been on Samila Beach as if a symbol of prosperity, peace, and safety. Even though there was a bomb, the mermaid has been repaired to be beautiful again. It is another landmark that you should come and take pictures, letting the world know that you’ve arrived at Samila Beach.

  • Great Serpent Naga Sculpture at Suan Thale Park

Not only the northern or northeast Thailand that worships the Great Serpent Naga, but the southern part of Thailand as well because they believe in prosperity and balance of the water. Hence, there is the Great Serpent Naga Sculpture here in Suan Thale Park which is divided into 3 parts as if to protect the surrounding areas. The head of the Great Serpent Naga is located at Laem Son on, the navel is located at Lan Chom Dao near the lotus pond, and the tale is located at Samila Beach. Not far from this area, there is also a statue of Krom Luang Chumphon who was the Father of Royal Thai Navy. It is worth visiting to worship and ask for blessings about luck, business, agriculture, and travelling.

  • Asking for blessings at the world’s third-largest reclining buddha statue

Before ending the trip, the tour guide will take you to ask for blessings enhance your luck at the ancient temple of Songkhla where there is the world’s third largest reclining buddha statue. The name of the temple is Wat Mahattamangkhalaram. It is called Wat Hat Yai Nai by locals because it is located behind Hat Yai Nai Market along U-Tapao River. You can make all kinds of merits and worshipping here. There’s not a lot of space at the front but the back is riverside. You can make merits by freeing birds, fishes, or offer necessities for monks.

  • Shopping interesting local OTOP products

Since you’re in Songkhla, don’t forget to buy interesting local OTOP products for yourself or buy them as souvenirs for people around you. We personally recommend steamed stuffed sticky rice in mangrove fan palm leaf, Yok Dok woven textile, Budu and rice salad, shrimp paste, straw rope woven bag, etc. For someone who cannot choose, you can pick a set to be a gift as well. There will be all kinds of products regardless of how you pick. (In addition, if you want a certain type of product, you can ask the tour guide. They can recommend very well, and you will be impressed with products.)

Expenses throughout the ‘HAT YAI & SONGKHLA CITY TOUR’ trip

Total expenses for the whole trip are not over 3,000 baht baht. New travelers or travelers with a budget can travel around Songkhla in one-day trip. This price doesn’t include expenses such as transportation fees, food and bottle drink, insurance, private transportation and touring, tips, other expenses that are not included here. If you would like to have a tour guide to take you on additional private trip, it will cost 200 baht per hour. Hence, don’t remember to plan carefully before buying the trip and plan your budget. Personally, we think this package is worthy. You may buy the ‘HAT YAI & SONGKHLA CITY TOUR’ one-day trip and when this trip ends, you can go to other preferrable spots later privately.

Let’s enjoy the natural atmosphere and feel the charm of old town that never sleeps in the view that many people have never experience with the trip around Songkhla in a worthy price. The trip is arranged by local experts and professionals who have many decades of experience in tour. We guarantee your safety and impressions throughout the trip. If you’re interested, please contact for more information, or book the package ‘HAT YAI & SONGKHLA CITY TOUR ALL IN 8 HOURS’ at this website New tab (