Koh Lipe Snorkeling and Island - hopping Tour

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Koh Lipe Snorkeling and Island - hopping Tour

Snorkeling in Koh Lipe: Charm of Andaman Sea That You Need to Experience Yourself

Snorkeling in Koh Lipe is another tourism that many people want to experience themselves because Koh Lipe is one of islands in Andaman Sea. It is well known for its natural beauty, widespread white beach, and clear turquoise sea water which help you see the beauty beneath the sea. That makes “Eco-snorkeling” another highlight of visiting Koh Lipe. In this article, we would like to take to you to see the beauty beneath the sea of Koh Lipe. Let’s see what’s interesting below.


3 Snorkeling Zones in Koh Lipe That You Should Know Before Visiting

If you visit Koh Lipe and would like to plan a snorkeling trip around it, the first thing you should know about is “snorkeling zones”. Although each zone is as beautiful as other zones, the differences of the areas make each zone unique. Snorkeling zones in Koh Lipe can be divided into 3 zones as follows.

  1. Inner zone

Inner zone in Koh Lipe is also called “Inner Circle”. Highlight of this zone is seven-color corals which is caused by prosperity of the country. Therefore, there are many types of corals in the area, making breathtakingly beautiful view and fishes swimming around you. This snorkeling zone is not so deep. The depth is only approximately 1-3 meters. The important places for snorkeling in inner zone consist of the following places.

  • Rongnamjabang. You can see the beauty of the seven-color corals here.
  • Koh Hin Ngam. This land has shiny black rocks which are beautiful like gems.
  • Koh Ra Wi. The lunch spot where there is the unique white sand beach.
  • Yang Island. This is shallow snorkeling spot. There are hard corals around the area. You can find Clownfishes here.
  • Ao-Rua Bai (Koh Adang). There are many hard corals and giant clams around this area.


  1. Outer zone

Snorkeling to sea nature in outer zone of Koh Lipe requires you to travel a little bit further than inner zone. The highlight of this snorkeling zone is several species of aquatic animals that you will find more here. If you’re lucky, you may find a sea turtle around here. However, it must be warned that those who are not strong swimmers should not let go of a rope provided by the tour group because water in many spots is torrential. There are also multiple tourist attractions as well. The island has biologically distinctiveness, beautiful beach, including different animals that you can find along the way.

  • Koh Hin Son. The landmark is giant rocks stacked on each other just like the name of the island.
  • Koh Dong. A medium-sized island. There is a shallow beach to enjoy. The highlights are clear water and beautiful sand beach. It is another beautiful snorkeling spot in the outer snorkeling zone.
  • Koh Phai. This is a snorkeling to see corals where the tide is calm and clear. You can see various corals clearly.
  • Koh Rokroy. Another island with beautiful white sand beach. It can also be a sunbathing location as well.
  • Ao Ling. The bay is located near Koh Dong. It is also called “Monkey Bay” because there are monkeys living here.
  • Koh Phung. This island is well-known for sea anemone snorkeling spots combined with different species of fishes swimming around you all the time.
  1. East zone

Let us finish with the “east zone” of Koh Lipe snorkeling zone. This snorkeling zone is mostly on the east side of Koh Lipe. This zone has one thing that is outstanding from the first two zones which is “peace” because there’s not a lot of tourists coming to this area. Therefore, aquatic animals are more thriving than another two zones mentioned. The beauty of this zone is in coral reefs along the way. You might need to come here when the wind calms because when it’s windy, this area cannot be visited. Tourist attractions of the east zone are as follows.

  • Koh Kra. It is a small island next to Koh Lipe. There is a small beach which will surely not disappoint you.
  • Ao Promong (Sunset Beach). It is a part of Koh Lipe. Highlight of this tourist attraction is “Seeing the last light of the day” where you can clearly see the sun disappear behind the horizon.
  • Ao Mae Mai. There is a hundred-meter long coral reef here and utter peace. You will find several kinds of beautiful fishes when you snorkel around here.
  • White Rock. This is a beautiful snorkeling area. However, you need an experienced person to guide you because the tide is rather torrential.
  • Koh Adang. The snorkeling area is in the east. There is a coral reef along the beach. The water level is around 2-6 meters, but the tour can only happen while the wind is calm.

Suitable Time for Snorkeling in Each Zone of Koh Lipe

  • East snorkeling zone is suitable for the tour in low season from May 16th to October 15th.
  • Inner snorkeling zone is suitable for the tour in high season from October 15th to May 15th.
  • Inner + outer snorkeling zones are suitable for high season from October 16th to May 15th.


“Lipe Island” Paradise Island That You Need to Visit Once in Your Life

If you would like to experience the prosper ecosystem beneath the sea, we can assure that snorkeling around Koh Lipe is what you need to experience yourself once in your life. Although you may not have much swimming skills, you can still see the corals because of the clear water and most of the snorkeling areas zones are in shallow areas. As for the time, you should choose suitable times as we suggested above because it will help make your trip more complete.

Lastly, if you would like to escape from chaos in the city, please come to charge your physical and mental energy at Koh Lipe. We assure that you will gain full energy.

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